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Mrs. Idaho America

Hollin Parkinson

I’m Hollin Parkinson, your Mrs. Idaho America 2022!

This has been a dream come true that I decided to do out of the blue. I am married to my handsome husband, Dr. Daniel Parkinson + football coach, for 10 years now. I am a mother of three beautiful, + very active children.

I absolutely love to do everything I can to be outside, + stay active. I’m very passionate about women’s mental health. After having endured a dark post-partum mental health journey myself, I decided to start a women’s mental health advocacy foundation called, “Turning  Tulips.” This has been the most fulfilling support for me + has helped to answer so many raw questions for women. I have been able to join forces with many companies, women’s clinics, + women-owned businesses in the name of, “Turning Tulips.”

I have been so grateful to use this title for good + leave a positive impact on women’s mental health.


Being Mrs. Idaho America has presented many opportunities to serve my community even more, + what an
honor it is to have this time as your Mrs. Idaho America!


To book an appearance or to have Hollin speak at an event, contact her: 

On Instagram - @mrs.idahoamerica

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