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Mrs. Idaho America

Hollin Parkinson

I’m Hollin Parkinson, your Mrs. Idaho America 2022!

This has been a dream come true that I decided to do out of the blue. I am married to my handsome husband, Dr. Daniel Parkinson + football coach, for 10 years now. I am a mother of three beautiful, + very active children.

I absolutely love to do everything I can to be outside, + stay active. I’m very passionate about women’s mental health. After having endured a dark post-partum mental health journey myself, I decided to start a women’s mental health advocacy foundation called, “Turning  Tulips.” This has been the most fulfilling support for me + has helped to answer so many raw questions for women. I have been able to join forces with many companies, women’s clinics, + women-owned businesses in the name of, “Turning Tulips.”

I have been so grateful to use this title for good + leave a positive impact on women’s mental health.


Being Mrs. Idaho America has presented many opportunities to serve my community even more, + what an
honor it is to have this time as your Mrs. Idaho America!


To book an appearance or to have Hollin speak at an event, contact her: 

On Instagram - @mrs.idahoamerica

  • I want to compete - where do I start?
    Head over to the apply now tab on our menu, fill out the application, complete your payment, + give us a few days to get back to you! We try to make the application process as easy as possible, + once we receive your application we will provide you with any additional paperwork + information.
  • Is there an entry fee to compete?
    Yes. We highly encourage all contestants to reach out to their communities for help in covering the entry fee. The entry fee will cover behind the scenes cost of putting on the pageant, printing tickets + program books, renting the theater for pageant day, etc. Our official program book will have designated space provided to thank those who have sponsored you!
  • Do I need previous pageant experience?
    Absolutely not! Past contestants have won the title on their first attempt, + other contestants have competed several times before winning the title.
  • Do I have to have children in order to compete?
    No. We encourage women with, + without children to participate. Former Mrs. Idaho America + Mrs. America winners without children have won their titles.
  • Do I need to have children in order to compete?
    No. We encourage women with, + without children to participate. Former Mrs. Idaho America + Mrs. America winners without children have won their titles.
  • Is a platform required to compete for any of the titles?
    A platform is something you do for someone or a group that you are passionate about. You do not have to have a platform to participate in the Mrs. Idaho America/Miss Idaho for America Pageant. However, it is always nice to provide service in your community + is a common talking point with judges. At the state pageant we will be giving an award for Volunteer/Community Service. This is an optional award + will not determine the outcome of the pageant. Many former, local, + state title holders have promoted their personal platform while holding their titles.
  • Do I need a college education to become Mrs./Miss Idaho?
    No you do not have to have a college education to become Mrs. Idaho America/Mrs. America or Miss Idaho for America/Miss for America. The judges are instructed to not determine the winner based on her educational background. Winners have ranged from having a high school diploma to a PHD.
  • Will my age or height affect the outcome?
    Nope! Contestants have ranged in age from 18-62, have varied in heights from 4’8” to 6’3”
  • Can I win if I was previously married?
    Contestants that were previously married, but aren't at the date of competition are now able to compete for the title of Miss Idaho for America! Miss Idaho applicants can be divorced, widowed, or never married. Mrs. Idaho contestants must be married as of the date of entry, at least 18 years of age, a person of good moral character, a U.S. Citizen, + a resident of the state of Idaho for at least six months.
  • Are appearances required?
    Although not required, we highly encourage our local + state titleholders to take part in community outreach + appearances. Businesses, schools, etc. love to host titleholders, + what better way to spread information/awareness on your platform.
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