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Mrs. Idaho American

Ellon Chase

Ellon Chase was crowned Mrs. Idaho American on June 4th 2022. She is an author, speaker, consultant, + school counselor. She resides in Sugar City, Idaho with her husband, Chris, a professional fly-fisherman + educator. Together they have two sons, Porter + James. 


Ellon’s mission is to teach + inspire others to improve every dimension of health. She lost her mother to suicide at a very low point in her own life + resolved to learn how to become truly healthy, + help other people become healthier too. She learned about the many aspects of personal health, + then made healthy changes in EVERY area of her life; mental, physical, spiritual, vocational, financial, social, + family relationships. When she started making healthy changes, she realized she was following a pattern or a blueprint for her own progress. She uses her platform, book, + workshop - The Power of Progress: Transforming all Aspects of Health, to teach this blueprint. She teaches about all the dimensions of health, how they are connected, + that healthy progress creates vital feelings of well-being! 


Ellon started participating in the Mrs Idaho America Pageant over 16 years ago. Initially, she loved the personal growth she experienced through pageantry. Over time, she realized that she could use her personal story + experiences to help, + serve others. The Mrs Idaho America Pageant has created opportunities for Ellon to teach over 5000 people about healthy lifestyle changes through her platform, The Power of Progress. Ellon believes that the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant is a catalyst for women to develop into leaders who inspire + influence positive changes in families, communities, + the State of Idaho. 


Ellon is available for speaking engagements + specializes in teaching her workshop titled, The Power of Progress: Transforming All Aspects of Health. She also speaks to groups about each individual dimension of health. To book an appearance or to have Ellon speak at an event, contact her: 

On Instagram - @mrsidahoamericanpageant @ellonchase 

On Facebook - Ellon Chase 

Or by text - 208-351-6580

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