Griffen is a native to Coeur d'Alene up in North Idaho.  She still resides there with her family and three rescue dogs.  She and her husband of 7 years, Cory together share a three-year-old daughter, Miss Joey Dawn.  After going through three years of infertility and three rounds of IVF, their dream to become parents finally came true.  It was going through all of that made Griffen realize her true calling in life and that is when she began her charity work and her love for serving her community and state.  Griffen is an advocate for abused and homeless children and is a working board member for The Children's Village, a safe haven for children who have been severely abused.  It is there too that she serves as the chairman for The Children's Village main event that brought in over $331,000 this last year alone.  Mrs. Idaho America also loves helping and supporting women in the shelter systems by collecting the proper beauty and hygiene products to help them feel their best and to help them get back out into the world.  When she isn't supporting these causes, she is constantly helping other non-profits all over the state of Idaho and is always bringing awareness to so many great causes.  With her family right there beside her, they are moving mountains for so many families here in Idaho and beyond!